Inflammation is the body’s process of healing itself to fight off any form of foreign body that invades it. The attackers could be in the form of an infection, bacteria or virus. Such inflammatory response may also be triggered by injury to the body and when that happens, it activates the immune system and causes it to send out inflammatory cells and cytokines which through an inflammatory response trap the attackers, or heal any tissues damaged which results may be pain, bruising or redness of the skin. This is basically the body’s defence mechanism.


Inflammation can be short-term (Acute) or long-term (Chronic). Acute inflammation is the not-so-serious kind. The following conditions can be linked to acute inflammation:

  • Acute bronchitis.
  • A sore throat from a cold or flu.  

This type of inflammation goes away in a matter of hours or at worst, days. Chronic inflammation on the other hand, is the serious kind. It may last for months, years and could sometimes even lead to death. According to some studies, it is a primary cause of over 50% death in the world, which have been attributed to the following chronic inflammatory diseases:

  • Stroke,
  • Cancer,
  • Diabetes,
  • Kidney disease
  • Autoimmune and Neurodegenerative conditions.


Nsaids are medications that reduce or relieve pain. Most know ones are  Aspirin, IbuprofenAleve, etc.


NSAIDs are a good source of pain relief and also very much effective. However, as effective as they may be, they pose a serious threat to our health. There have been reports of major health problems as a result of its  long-term use. Stomach problems such as gas, diarrhea, heartburn, nausea and vomiting were side effects experienced by patients. In more severe cases, it can/could irritate the lining of the stomach which could lead to Ulcerative colitis (ulcer) and internal bleeding. In addition, if used continuously, serious health conditions may develop in the future such as heart attack, heart failure, stroke, and blood clots. This suggest that using NSAID’s for long periods can be a death sentence.

Which brings us to the BIG question, what alternatives can produce same or even better results?

To answer that question, there are various low-risk alternatives that are available on the market with same results. The good thing about these alternatives is that they are natural, and also backed by science to be of great benefits to our health. A widely known one, and also considered the best out there is Curcumin.


Ever heard of Curcumin? If you have not, you may have seen, or come across it without your knowledge if a lover of asian foods, or spices as it is widely used in many asian cuisines all over the world. Curcumin is an active substance in turmeric that gives it its orange color and flavor. It is known for its medicinal properties which have seen benefits in the areas of Osteoarthritis (the most common form of arthritis), obesity, heart disease, liver, and diabetes all of which are backed by science.


The list of the benefits of Curcumin is endless but here are some below

  • Curcumin may help relief certain cancer symptoms as it has anti-inflamatory compounds
  • Research has shown that it may also treat or prevent diabetes 
  • It is considered a safe treatment for depression. Depression is associated with low levels of BDNF (Brain-derived neurotrophic factor), curcumin has the ability to boost levels of BDNF.
  • It is an effective treatment for skin conditons thanks to its anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antioxidant properties.
  • Based on research, it is a safe and long-term treatment for people with Osteoathritis.


Curcumin is considered an anti-inflammatory agent because of its anti-inflammatory properties. It was discovered to have benefits in the areas of pain. In fact, it is advised that when considering the use of turmeric or curcumin for health benefits, a turmeric or curcumin supplement with black pepper should be opted for.

According to Dr. Robert Ashley, in its pure form, the compound is poorly absorbed by the body and will quickly eliminate same. This is why black pepper (piperine) is needed for better absorbtion. It is important to note that the possibilities of relying on only ground turmeric to achieve specific health goals will produce no effective results, as it lacks the required amount of Curcumin the body needs to be effective.

A study on this  discovered that only 3% of curcumin and curcuminoid compounds were discovered in ground turmeric whilst the concentration in the extract was increased to as high as 95%.  This means that a supplement with 0.5g containing turmeric extract will produce 400mg of curcuminoids, whereas the ground spice with the same amount produced about 15mg. From the figures, there is a clear difference in production of curcuminoids in both forms.  

In a study referenced by  Siddart Tambare MD from Chicago Arthritis and Regenerative Medicine, he menioned that Curcumin when compared with medications like diclofenac, a fairly hardcore anti-inflammatory medication in Knee arthritis, was discovered to produce the same results in respect of pain relief.  However, the required dose was 1500mg per day and most Western and Asian diets lack the required amount. He further stressed combining black pepper (piperine) with curcumin – a low-risk alternative for pain and inflammation. Moreso, curcumin was listed as one of the major three with evidence and data available for pain reliefs, arthritis, tendonitis injuriesback pain and could be used as replacements for over-the-counter pain medications. Video is available below


Curcumin and Turmeric are generally safe to consume but as the saying goes “too much of anything is bad for you” if consumed in high doses, it could lead to health problems. A report suggested that taking over 1500mg twice a day may result in potential health problems. In reality, the side effects is a consequence of excessive dosing of which a few people have experienced the following:

  • Stomach upset,
  • Diarrhea,
  • Nausea and dizziness.

In order to avoid health related issues, it is best to avoid consuming high doses, especially for longer periods.

 NOTE that Pregnant or breast feeding women are strongly advised to avoid taking Curcumin supplements or consult a physitian first as it may cause contractions and further complications. Moreso, anyone with the following predisposed conditions for the following reasons.

  • Bleeding disorder as curcumin has blood thinning effects
  • Under anti-depressants, diabetic medications etc as it may have negative effects on these medications.
  • On iron supplements as it may limit same.


There are so many curcumin supplements on the market, however, we have selected the ones we consider the best. They are not only great at fighting inflamation but also gives the immune system an extra boost for better function. They also contain BioPerine (Piperine) known as black pepper or peppercorn for better absorption. Check them out below:

 1.  CURCUMIN 2000

CURCUMIN 2000  is a good anti-inflammatory supplement and a great immune booster. It has a bioavailability of 42,000mg of curcumin compared to any other supplement out there. The extraction process is free from synthetic additives or solvents. Manufacturers of the product considered inflammation a whole-body issue in order to create a product that promotes a healthy general well-being such as the following:

  • Promote Immune system Function
  • Promote antiviral activity
  • All-natural support for inflammatory response
  • Support for healthy muscles and joints
  • Good recovery support after strenuous exercise
  • Promotes faster training recovery and healthy brain function

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2.  Turmeric Curcumin Plus

Turmeric Curcumin Plus is a vegan product. A serving provides the right amount of the active ingredient “curcumin” which can support joint and muscle health. It is also a good anti-oxidant and ensures the immune system is in good condition by giving it the right support it needs.  This product does not contain common allergens however, for uncommon allergens customers are advised to check the list of ingredients. Turmeric Curcumin plus is made in an FDA registered facility that adheres to good manufacturing guidelines and is safe to use.

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 3.  WHAMBAM Bites

WHAMBAM Bites is gluten free and vegan. It is the perferct alternative to pills for anyone who dislikes taking pills. This product is in a snack bar form and is crafted with 95% of curcuminoids. These bites are very nutritious. Each 14gm bite contains 66mg total curcumin. In respect of dosage, they recommend one bite twice daily when in good health, and one bite three times daily for low immunity.

It is also advised to be taken in conjunction with TU-GO Curcumin capsules for increased energy and extra curcuminoids intake.

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